3 Substantial Tips for College Freshmen

This is the best time of your life. In the coming semester, you are going to move into your own room, reconnect with old friends and make new ones. All the parties and hookup opportunities are also coming at you. How exciting is this! Many college students take it as the best opportunity to explore the sexual adult dating world, but if you don't want to experience sexual life in college, that's totally okay. Your body, your choice to make. The most important thing is to know how to perform sexual behavior in a safe, pleasant and morally-oriented way. Here are several things you need to know about date hookup:

First, a good hookup dating experience requires pressure-free and passionate. Make sure that both sides actually like what's going to happen and nobody will feel guilty or forced into anything. Many of us have had forced sexual experience in different degree. They might not be serious enough to tell the police, but such experience won't be very favorable in our memory. We might agree to it out of pressure. From today, redefine consent. It must be approved by freedom natural excitement. Before engage in anything sexual, talk about it with rational mind to make sure you are both into it with free will.

Second, there is no such thing called virginity. You might hear these words a thousand times around you "I don't want to still be a virgin when I'm dead." First of all, let's make it clear for you that virginity doesn't exist. It's nothing but a social construct formed by the public. It's a way to control and supervise women as an asset instead of human-being. In the past, people used to think women are dirty and tainted if they lose their virginity and they would be spurned and humiliated. Nowadays, women shouldn't be considered as appendage of their husband. They are no longer assets, but independent individual. Therefore, don't be kidnapped by the illusory existence of virginity. We have moved past that stage. Whatever your gender is, it shouldn't be wrong to be a virgin. If you want to be open about sexual behavior, it won't make you a whore as well. Your body, your choice. Do not let the public to tell you what you do about yourself.

Third, many people do not have symptoms for sexual transmitted disease, so check it in the hospital. Yes, not all sexual transmitted diseases are visible in appearance. Some might only have slight symptoms, while some people might prefer to keep it a secret, let alone some might not even know they have it. However, that doesn't mean they can do no harm to your body. HPV can affect your fertility, thinking ability and even lifetime, even though it doesn't have any show. It can increase the chance of getting cancer. Hence, before you dive into the deepest pool with someone, make sure he/she is clean.

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