Four surprising things girls find attractive

It's easy to misinterpret the image of the perfect plus size man in the media. But not all women are looking for their own magic mike; Most of us are looking for a down-to-earth, fun-loving man who will curl up on the couch as comfortably as if we were traveling the world together. So, putting your preconceptions aside, let's take a look at some surprising things:

You are sensitive

So you like rose wine, you like chick flicks? Believe it or not, many girls find the sensitive side of a man very attractive, so don't always struggle with your feminine side - if your curvy dating thinks you can relate to her, that might be a plus. Maybe you can keep singing musicals in the shower until the third or fourth BBW dating.

You have an inner caveman

It may be tempting to show off your elegant, feminine side once in a while, but most BBW girls like the raw instincts that men find irresistible. Hairy chests, appetites and the occasional puff of wind are enough to make many city men blush, but for many curvy women, a glimpse of your inner caveman can be a thrill!

Something you remember

Girls always complain that our partners don't listen, so impress your new lover by being all ears during the time you spend together.

Texting her before an important meeting or interview, being excited about her birthday in the coming weeks, and asking her how dinner went with her friends on the phone show that you are an eager listener.

You plan for the future

This is a classic story: the girl talks about her dream wedding, while the boy goes mountain climbing. Talking about the future isn't about tying you to a ball and chain; It shows that you are all living in the present. That doesn't mean you need to book a vacation for next summer now, but talking about your vision for the future will only bring you closer.

This isn't an exhaustive list of what chubby women find attractive in men, but hopefully it will show you that the nuances that make you different won't go unnoticed by your BBW date. So instead of trying to be the perfect gentleman, an amateur bodybuilder or the next don draper, embrace what makes you special and watch single ladies running around.

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