How to Avoid Embarrassment in the First Date


I can still remember my first date with a girl known in a curvy dating app. I should say nothing worst than that. I really had bad performance for that date. I have been using a BBW dating app for about one year and I had dated with over five girls. So, today, I want to share some useful tips for boy to avoid the embarrassment in the first dating hookup and hope more people can do that.

It was a raining day, so I just out on my red coat which I bought recently and I waited her in front of a coffee housewe mentioned. I finally saw her but she seemed to be unhappy and I didn’t know why. I should say the date went not well as I wished because she never talked to me since that time. For a long time, I reflected what I did wrong.

Here, I want to remind two important tips for boys when having hte first date. Firstly, no wearing red or pink coat unless you are so confident about your appearance. Believe me, it's hard to hold these clothes if you are not handsome enough. Also, not many male stars like wear red coat. Under normal circumstances, boys can choose dark or white clothes. On the one hand, too bright clothes will make people feel that you are not manly.

On the other hand, it makes people feel you are a little sloppy. Then I want to say that when meeting the for the first time, the boy should shave his beard at least. I had a female friend who told me that when she met netizens, the boy didn't even shave. My friend asked him the reason, and he said he wanted to look manly. But thing went differently. It will make people feel that you don't pay attention to hygiene and don't care about the date. Of course, her date was a direct failure.

And I also recommend boys not to have perfume. I know some boys who likes perfume so much, I don’t mean this is not right. But too strong smell can also disturb the girls. Moreover, most girls will have perfume before going outside. The two different smell maybe mixed. Boys can have a light smell of shampoo which can gain a good impression for girls. Overall, pay attention to your appearance.

Secondly, please do not to stare at your phone when you don’t know what to chat with. Indeed, offline meeting and online chatting are still different, and people are generally more nervous. This is normal. At this time, you can think about the common topics your partner is interested in before. Don't bow your head too often to play with your mobile phone. Your partner may be also nervous as you. At this time, smiling is a good choice. Don’t be in a daze and you should also follow what she says.

The two important tips are what I learnd from my experience and boys can take them into consideration when having a date. Good luck to you!

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