How to deal with negative emotions in threesomes?

Is there any negative emotion in your threesomes? If you are a swinger couple, I think there must be more or less. Swinger singles can even feel jealous when they are left out, let alone monogamous couples. Jealousy and anger are the most common negative emotions occur in a couple dating. If you don’t know how to handle them properly, the threesome experience might not turn well. If you want to have a perfect threesome without hurting anyone’s feelings, you need to learn some tricks and do some preparation beforehand. Here are some tips for you.

First, talk about it before inviting the third in. Kill the negative emotions before it thrives. Are you both 100% secure with your relationship and your love for each other? I think most people can’t give me a definite answer for this question. It is absolutely normal, because there is no absolute answer for every question. It is okay to be a little insecure about your love. Even in this way, you can have a safe and nice 3som. You need to face it directly by talking about it face to face. Make sure to convince your partner that your love for him/her won’t be easily threatened by another person. Your relationship is strong enough to hold the attempts and attractions. Even though you can’t prove it, sometimes a single word will work.

Second, think about a safe word to say when things go bad. This is not just for your partner, it is also for you. Who knows you might be the one that cannot handle the situation when your partner is being pleased by or pleasing another person in a way that you have never been. It does not mean you will need to use it definitely. It is just a way for everyone to feel that they are in control in anything uncomfortable happens. Once things are in control, people tend to be more relaxed in it.

Third, even when you are in the process of pleasing the third, you need to make contact with your partner. For example, if you are penetrating the third, you can give a soft eye contact to your significant other, like you used to look at her when she did something you like. In this way, she could feel that you are thinking about her the whole process, even when you are with another person. She can feel your love and care. In this way, she won’t think that you are ignoring her and having fun with another woman without her. What is more, by looking at her, you are suggesting that you are a team. You are in this together. This is a whole new level for your relationship. It will be a cherished moment and your shared memory in the future.

These are the three tips I could give to you in regard to dealing with the negative emotions in swing life style. I hope you can have a nice and unforgettable threesome with your partner.

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