Several rules for a safe and successful hookup

One night hookup may sounds exciting and attempting for some people. Actually, there are many people who prefer hookup than real relationship, because it is drama-free, requires no responsibility, filled with pleasure without having to make any commitment. However, hookup isn’t for everyone. Different people with various personalities will more or less likely to benefit from one night dating. For certain kind of people, hookup just isn’t suit them, because they can only perform well sexually with the right person whom they have feelings with. I am one of them. I tried to hookup with someone who I didn’t know before, a total stranger, I just can’t get in the right mood with him in bed. The kiss, the touch, the sound and every other thing just don’t feel right for me, so I quit. Now I found myself can hookup with someone, just that it must be with the right person. Here are some tips for you to have a safe and successful hookup.

First, hooking up for the right reason. Why do you want to one night hookup with someone? Is it for the purpose of satisfying your sexual desire? Or you met someone you are sexually attracted? I think the latter reason might be better than the frontier one. Actually, the connection of the two reasons might be the best. Everyone has its sexual drive, which is born in nature. It is totally comprehensible that we need to vent our sexual desire with someone. However, if you hookup just for this purpose, it might be much less fun. What is more, hooking up with the soul purpose of satisfying your sexual desire would compromise your instinct with the person you are hooking up with. Instinct is a vital factor that can protect us from danger. Once you lost your instinct, you won’t be able to detect the danger around you. Therefore, you should also hookup with the right person no matter you are hunting in real life or looking for someone on hookup apps and top dating app.

Don’t be shy and be enthusiastic. I know many people, especially some girls think being reserved is a preferred character in a person. It might be in relationships, because keeping a sense of mystery is a good way to keep freshness in a relationship. However, this is a hookup. If you are too reserved with the person who is interested in having one night hookup with you, you might be sending out the wrong information that you don’t want it. Hooking up is all about efficiency and fun. If you play hard-to-get games, you might not get it, because people are not going to chase you in one night dating.

These two are the most important tips I can give you. I learned my lesson on both of them. No matter you are looking for your hookup partner on hook up apps or in real life, just keep these two tips in mind. You will be able to have a safe and successful hookup.


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