What Girls Should Know in Chatting Apps

My mom registered an account for me for hookup dating. I knew she was worried about me because I didn’t show any thought of marriage. Fine, if she wanted me to make new friends, I should listen to her. After all, I had been single for about four years. On the one hand, I didn’t want to make her so worried and on the other hand, I knew I stayed at home for most time, less friends I had for the past four years. After using a hookup dating app for about two months, I want to share some tips for girls when using hookup apps.

The first tip is not to tell your partner your contact number so quickly. Why I mention this? In this app, users should pay 5$ to get through the verification. I listened to my friend, he told me this was a way for this team to avoid the people who just wanted to disturb others. As the fee was accepetable, I felt this app pretty good. I did meet two different partners and what I learnd was that pay attention to your phone number. I met a 30-year-old man up here.

At first, it felt good, so I gave him my phone number (one of them, I had two phone numbers). Because I was really busy with my job, so I didn't reply to him, but I explained the reason. After all, we were not lovers and just talking about each other occasionally was acceptable.

As a result, he suddenly asked me if I had a passion for love cleanliness and if I had a boyfriend. I reply that this was my provacy and I didn't want to say it yet. After that, he said I was picking and choosing. At that time, I thought it strange because I thought people who came to this app just took a chance and got to know some people to see if there was a suitable one. Everyone had the right to say no. Then, I didn't want to talk to this person at that time, but he called me all the time.

Finally, I put his number on the blacklist. He ran to the app and scolded me. I really didn't understand because I thought the purpose of using dating app was to have fun, and why this happened. I regretted giving him my phone number. So, girls should not give contact information easily to the online partners.

And the next tip is to ask your partner whether the photos in his home page are his. You might be curious about this tip. In other word, you should at least know what your partner really looked like. I didn’t mean we should care about looking so much.

But most people won’t choose to have an offline dating with the person who is different from what we think. I met a person whose head photo was an unknown star and I thought it was him. But actually, he was totally different from this star. I felt I was cheated.

The two tips are important for girls and hope every girl will have fun.

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