Why you are not a perfect candidate for threesome?

Having a threesome is always every man’s dream but not every man gets the opportunity to be in threesome situation. Some are thinking about having a threesome and some don’t dare to share their fantasy about threesome to their wife or a girl friend. However, not every man is truly meant for threesome and there are some that don’t deserve a threesome or we can say that, threesome is not for those guys.

Here in this article, we already listed few reasons that tell why you are not a perfect threesome partner and threesome is not your cup of tea. Here are the reasons.

If you cannot control your emotions, the first and the most important rule of threesome is to have a threesome without have any emotional or sentimental connection with your partners. If you are man that can connected with someone easily to whom you are involved sexually  than it won’t work and by having any connection with the third wheel after the threesome will be a big risk to you relationship. Your relationship won’t go for long and your might also lose your wife or a girl friend if you are emotionally connected with the third partner of the threesome when the threesome is already over and you still making phone calls or text to the third wheel

If you don’t like to use condoms, safety is first before anything. When going into bed, it is quite the best to use condoms while making sexual relations. But there are guys that don’t like to use condoms while making sexual relations. If you are one of them and don’t like to use condoms during any sexual activity, it’s a bad idea for you to have a threesome. Because you might be quite sure about your partner but what about that unknown guest that is going to join you to have a threesome. So, it is advised that if you don’t like to use condoms during sexual any kind of sexual relations better to stay away from threesome or any other sexual activity.

Much dependent on your friend – when you are thinking for a threesome and you are calling your friend that is known of your wife or a girl friend too, than it’s better to don’t have a threesome. it might not be a good idea to call anybody that is known or friend of yours or your wife. If still you want your friend to join you in a threesome than you are not meant for threesome or you don’t understand the concept of having a threesome.

Threesome is quite a personal thing that you don’t want your friends, neighbor or anyone from your work place would know about it. But if you are inviting anyone from these, this should be high risk to you and it might also harm your relationship.

There are many other important things about swingers and if you really want to have a safe and an awesome threesome follow these tips.

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